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Excellence Awards

Each year ExxonMobil offers the ‘ExxonMobil Prize for Excellence and Leadership’ to three Bachelor of Engineering students at RMIT.

Applicants are currently invited for the below categories:

  • Pro Vice-Chancellor’s ExxonMobil Prize Aerospace, Mechanical or Manufacturing Engineering
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor’s ExxonMobil Prize Civil, Environmental or Chemical Engineering
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor’s ExxonMobil Prize Electrical or Computer Engineering

The prizes are awarded to the best student in the penultimate year of their program, selected on academic achievements, the impact of extracurricular activities and leadership in workplace experiences. The selection panel will consist of RMIT and ExxonMobil interview panel members, whom will review all applications of shortlisted candidates.

The awards each comprise a $5000 cash prize and a certificate. Prize winners will also be offered an interview for the ExxonMobil vacation program.

Applicants for the ExxonMobil Prize for Excellence and Leadership are required to have Australian citizenship or permanent residency and be in their penultimate year of study at RMIT University.

Apply here through our ExxonMobil Recruitment Centre. Search all Australian openings for the ’ExxonMobil Prize for Excellence and Leadership’. Follow the prompts to submit your cover letter, resume and transcript and to complete the online questionnaire.