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What kind of work?

Reservoir Surveillance

The Reservoir Surveillance Group is responsible for:

  • Optimising production from all platforms via gaslift, workovers, wireline and well cycling.
  • Forecasting production for coming years - month to month
  • Implementing surveillance strategies for reservoir management

Reservoir Technology

The Reservoir Technology Group is responsible for the discovery, evaluation, development and long term management of oil and gas fields. This includes:

  • Monitoring actual field performance data
  • Identifying opportunities to boost recovery and resource value through reservoir simulation
  • Economic analysis, design and coordination of development and additional drilling programs
  • Long term production forecasting and depletion planning

Subsurface Engineering

The Subsurface Engineering Group is responsible for:

  • Engineering the mechanical aspects of all offshore wells and installed well equipment including design, installation and coordination of ongoing maintenance programs
  • Optimising workover and wireline operations
  • Determining the technical feasibility of well work and implementing appropriate technology to effect cost efficient solutions
  • Minimising risk of operations through downhole design and by maintaining operations integrity

Facilities Surveillance

There are two surveillance groups, Offshore and Onshore. The Facilities Surveillance Group:

  • Provides technical expertise to Operations in process and machinery areas
  • Identifies and progresses opportunities to improve safety, environment and production performance
  • Maintains and communicates long term operating objectives for the platforms or plants

Inspection Engineering

The Inspection Engineering Group:

  • Manages inspection of fixed pressure containing equipment including pressure vessels, heat exchangers, process piping and pipelines to ensure ongoing integrity
  • Analyses process chemistry and corrosion mechanisms to achieve most cost-effective inspection
  • Manages inspection of topside and underwater structures of offshore platforms
  • Conducts failure analyses and re-direct inspection programs as required

Maintenance and Reliability

The Maintenance and Reliability Group:

  • Provides technical support across all sites in the areas of electrical power systems, control and instrumentation and rotating machinery (generators, gas compressors, oil export pumps)
  • Identifies and implements equipment reliability improvements
  • Eliminates low value maintenance and provides technical support to operations groups to achieve sustainable reductions in operating costs and production down time

Retrofits Projects

The Retrofits Projects Group:

  • Manages and coordinates facility upgrade projects at Esso's facilities (Offshore, LFD, LIP and BBMT)Â including project scoping, scheduling, funding, contract administration, design, fabrication, construction and commissioning stages
  • Projects are implemented through contracts with design consultants & construction contractors

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Safety, Regulatory & OIMS

The Safety, Regulatory and Operational Integrity Management Systems (OIMS) Group:

  • Provides specialised advice to employees and contractors on safety and environmental matters
  • Acts as the focal point for information on safety performance and trends
  • Manages compliance and regulatory reporting associated with site licenses and permits
  • Conducts risk assessments to confirm the safety and integrity of upstream operations and facilities
  • Undertakes studies looking at the impact of operations on the environment
  • Develops and submits reports to inform government and industry of environmental impacts associated with past and future operations
  • Conducts and assists with environmental risk assessments

Gas Marketing

The Gas & Power Marketing Group:

  • Develops and implements short and long term strategies for gas marketing
  • Markets natural gas and electricity
  • Develops and captures markets for new gas production
  • Maximises the value of gas resources and associated infrastructure

Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) Marketing

The NGL Marketing Group:

  • Develops and maintains NGL business strategy and implementation plans focusing on integration benefits across the entire value chain
  • Markets, negotiates and executes NGL (ethane, propane and butane) sales
  • Develops and captures markets for new NGL production from Longford/Long Island Point (LIP) plants and Altona Refinery
  • Buys, sells and exchanges NGL's to balance supplies with sales
  • Optimises refineries and LIP NGL logistics and maximises profitability through general interest economic analysis of NGL business opportunities

Process Engineering - Refining & Supply

The Process Engineering Group:

  • Monitors the performance of refinery process units
  • Makes recommendations to improve refinery performance
  • Provides timely and cost effective solutions to the more complex technical problems
  • Develops process designs and equipment process specifications

Maintenance & Reliability - Refining & Supply

The Maintenance and Reliability Group:

  • Develops and implements strategies, programs and procedures to achieve equipment reliability and safety outcomes
  • Provides maintenance and turnaround work scopes which result in maximum plant availability at competitive cost
  • Implements and manages equipment reliability processes within appropriate teams to ensure plant availability is maximised and reactive maintenance is minimised

Distribution - Refining & Supply

The Distribution Group:

  • Provides best practice engineering and project management services across the Distribution and Supply Business, Lubes Business, Aviation and Fuels Distributor business and strategic Commercial Customers


Exploration tasks include:

  • Assessment of hydrocarbon systems in sedimentary basins
  • Seismic interpretation and mapping
  • Drilling programs and well log analysis
  • Business planning and economic evaluations

Support Services

Support services include:

  • Finance and accounting
  • Treasurer's
  • Controllers
  • Human resources
  • Global information systems (IT)