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Why ExxonMobil?

Exxon Mobil Corporation has operations or markets products in most of the world's countries.

We are the world's largest non-government owned petroleum company. Our petrochemicals industry is the most profitable of any integrated oil company and we are also the top supplier of basestocks used for making motor oil, in addition to being the global leader in marketing finished lubricants.

Principally operating as Esso Australia and Mobil Oil Australia our Australian activities extend from exploration for and production of oil and gas through to processing, refining, marketing and distribution of petroleum products to our customers, both nationally and internationally.

What can ExxonMobil do for me?

Contribute from day one
...with work that is as exciting as it is challenging! We believe that you get the best experience through real responsibility rather than a rotational training scheme. Discover more about some of our young engineers.

Apply what you know
...and learn what you don't from the industry's best.

Be confident that the ethical way is the only way working in a corporate culture in which adherence to the highest standards of business conduct provides the foundation for everything that we do.

Keep your options open
... wherever you begin your career with us. While you're developing into one of the best technical or business specialists on the planet, your options remain open for a career change into technical, business or management - without changing employers.

Be a part of a technical powerhouse
...where we have the capability to develop new technology, meeting the needs of the business now and into the future.

Working to live
...with a compensation and benefits package that gives you the freedom to really live.